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Indigenous knowledge on processing of ‘Godak’ – a delicacy of the tribal population in Tripura and its nutritional quality.


To document the uniqueness of food habit of tribals of Tripura initiated to conduct a survey in two villages near Lembucherra of West Tripura Dist. covering 100 households on traditional processing of Godak, a delicacy of tribal communities, its consumption pattern and nutritional qualities. Survey revealed that a majority of the population consumes the product which is a non-oily dish prepared by boiling fermented fish shidal with vegetables and consumed with rice. The plants used as ingredients bear some medicinal value. Nutritional study of the product shows 88.65% moisture, 2.4% protein, 2.04% ash, 2.067% carbohydrate and very low content of fat 0.22% and a calorific value of 19.85. Godak is nutritious, healthy and safe to eat.

Keywords Traditional recipes, Fermented food, Shidal, Tribes of Tripura, fermentation.