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Tissue Culture – Technology Harnessed for Potato Seed Production


The potato is readily amenable to tissue culture manipulations. Many techniques have been developed for growing potato in tissue culture. As a result tissue culturally potato multiplication has successfully been incorporated in high quality potato seed production programme. Meristem culture in combination with thermotherapy and chemotherapy is now routinely utilised to obtain pathogen free potato microplants which are serially multiplied through nodal cuttings. The potato microplants can be multiplied through nodal cuttings or can be utilised for microtuber production. The microplants and microtubers are planted in polyhouses to obtain minitubers from them. These minitubers are then multiplied twice in field to increase their numbers and sizes. Aeroponics system has also been utilised for soilless production of minitubers. It has advantage over other micropropagation methods in having higher multiplication rate and greater control on the size of tubers harvested.

Keywords Tissue culture, potato seed