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Notes on three Asplenium species recently collected from Maharashtra, India


Three species of Asplenium namely, A. inaequilaterale Willd., A. yoshinagae subsp. indicum (Sledge) Fraser-Jenk. and A. obscurum Blume belonging to family Aspleniaceae are are recently collected from Maharashtra. Brief taxonomic descriptions and field photographs are provided.

Keywords Pteridophytes, new record, Asplenium, Maharashtra.

Pteridophytes of Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram, India


A preliminary survey on pteridophytic flora of Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram has been carried out and a total of 37 taxa are enumerated. This includes 11 taxa viz., Microlepia firma Mett. ex Kuhn, Lindsaea odorata Roxb., Aleuritopteris subdimorpha (C.B. Clarke & Baker) Fraser-Jenk., Coniogramme serrulata Fee, Pteris arisanensis Tagawa, P. subindivisa C.B. Clarke, Asplenium yoshinagae Makino subsp. yoshinagaeA. yoshinagae subsp. indicum (Sledge) Fras.-Jenk., Thelypteris esquirolii (Christ) Ching, T. hispidula (Decne.) C.F. Reed, Athyrium setiferum C.Chr., and A. woodsioides Christ, new record for the state of Mizoram. An identification key of the species found there, the correct name, habitat, distribution with in the North-eastern states have been provided in this communication.

Keywords Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary (TWLS), Pteridophytes, Mizoram.

Pteridophytes of Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram, India


Pteridophytic flora of Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram has been carried out. A total of 33 species belonging to 21 genera and 18 families are enumerated for the first time from the sanctuary. This includes three new distributional records viz., Nephrolepis exaltata (L.) Schott, Pleocnemia submembranacea (Hyata) Tagawa & K. Iwats. and Tectaria decurrens (C. Presl) Copel. from Mizoram, remaining all are new report to this sanctuary. An identification key along with basionym and distribution of each species in Northeast India has been provided in present communication.

Keywords Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary (NGWLS), Pteridophytes, Mizoram.