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Notes on diversity and distribution of tribe Orchideae in Meghalaya


The tribe Orchideae is represented by 28 species, 7 genera falling under 4 subtribes viz. Orchidinae, Herminiinae, Platantherinae and Habenarinae in Meghalaya. Of these, genus Peristylus is largest (11 species) followed by Habenaria (9 species). The genera Brachycorythis, Platanthera and Pecteilis are represented by 2 species each; while remaining genera like Diplomeris and Herminium are represented by 1 species each. Key characters of each ones along with phenology, distribution in Meghalaya and other states of NE India have been given. Colored photographs of species have been provided for their easy identification in the field.

Keywords Orchideae, diversity, Meghalaya