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The Lyngdoh Mawnai Sacred Grove, West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya: Mapping and analysis of disturbance


The Lyngdoh Mawnai Sacred Grove, representing humid sub-tropical montane forest, is a fairly well preserved sacred grove, covering an area of 20.84 ha, of which about 0.09 ha area was non-forest and 1.9 ha was degraded to various extents.The tree density was found to 1126 ha-1 . Anthropogenic disturbance in form of wood cutting, burning was visible in the peripheral regions while wood-cutting and clearance of ground vegetation for collection of edible fruit was seen within the dense forest area. Disturbance in form of cut stems especially in the 5-12 cm diameter class was found in both – the peripheral as well in the forest interior with peripheral areas exhibiting higher cut stems (26%) than the interior (14% ) of the total stems ha-1.

Keywords Sacred grove, mapping, Meghalaya, West Khasi Hills, Lyngdoh Mawnai sacred grove