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Calligonum comosum L’Her. – a new record for India from Indian Desert


Calligonum comosum L’Her. – a member of family Polygonaceae, is reported here for the first time from India on the basis of a recent collection from Indian desert (Rajasthan). A brief taxonomic description along with photo illustration is given for its easier identification.

Keywords Calligonum comosum, Polygonaceae, new record, India.

Three new and noteworthy records of Gingers from India


Three species of Zingiberaceae, namely Boesenbergia parvula (Wall. ex Baker) Kuntze, Curcuma elata Roxb. and Zingiber stipitatum S.Q. Tong, are reported for the first time in Indian flora.

Keywords Boesenbergia, Curcuma, Zingiber, New Record, India.

Notes on blooming of a rare orchid Flickingeria macraei


Flowering were observed in the plants of Flickingeria macraei (Lindl.) Seidenf. growing in experimental Garden of Botanical Survey of India, Shillong. The description and photographs of live plants are provided to facilitate its easier identification.

Keywords Flickingeria, Orchidaceae, Meghalaya, India.

Pendulorchis (Orchidaceae) – A new generic record for Nagaland, India


A spectacular orchid, Pendulorchis himalaica is reported here for the first time from Nagaland – a state of Northeastern India. This constitutes the first generic report to Nagaland. The same has been described and photographic illustration provided to facilitate its easier identification.

Keywords Pendulorchis, Orchidaceae, Nagaland, India

New and noteworthy records of Gingers from North-east India


The present paper includes Curcuma latifolia as new record for North-east India, Curcuma amada, Curcuma prakasha, Parakaempferia synantha are new to Mizoram, Gingiber roseum is new to Assam and Globba rubromaculata is new record for Meghalaya. The same are described along with field photographs.

Keywords Gingiber, noteworthy, North-east, India