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Preliminary Investigation of the Physico-Chemical Properties of a Geothermal Spring (Hot Spring) located at Jakrem, Meghalaya, India


The Geothermal spring located at Jakrem village in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya, India was investigated for physico-chemical properties. These characteristic features play a significant role in classifying and assessing water quality. The objective of  undertaking this study is to understand the physico-chemical properties of the spring water and the health risk it poses for human consumption. Sixteen parameters were chosen for investigation. The spring exhibit a temperature of 47°C. A pH of 12 was observed for the spring water making it alkaline in nature. The water was very soft with very low calcium and magnesium contents. The dominant cation was observed to be sodium with potassium being the sub dominant. The alkalinity was mainly due to dissolved carbonates and hydroxides. Fluoride concentration was found to be very high i.e., 7.2 ml-1.

Keywords Geothermal, Health, Hot Spring, Physico-chemical, Risk, Toxic.