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Ludwigia natans: a potential aquatic macrophyte for cadmium bioaccumulation and Phytoremediation


Aquatic macrophytes have tremendous potential for remediation of the heavy metal cadmium. A Laboratory experiment was conducted to evaluate the Cd bioaccumulation capacity of Ludwigia natans. The macrophyte was grown in the laboratory containing nutrient solution and working Cd standard solutions of different concentrations (1, 10, 50, and 100 mgL-1) and harvested at regular time interval of 5 and 10 days. The Cd accumulation by L. natans showed an increase with time and the maximum accumulation was on the 10th day at 50mgL-1 for both the roots and shoots. Cd accumulation in the plant parts was higher in the shoots as compared to the roots. The maximum bioconcentration factor values (7666) which indicate that the plant was a Cd hyperaccumulator and translocation factor values (2.8) which is >1 which points towards the suitability of L. natans for removing Cd from Cd-contaminated water.

Keywords Ludwigia natans, Cadmium, Accumulation, Bioconcentration Factor (BCF), Translocation Factor (TF)