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Monitoring of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) in ambient air in the campus of Lady Keane College, Shillong.


Clean air is necessary for healthy life. Air is one of the five vital basic natural ingredients of life system. A first ever study on the ambient air quality in the campus of Lady Keane College, Shillong was undertaken during the month of November, 2013. The findings indicate that the mbient air in the campus possess light air pollution. The current mean concentration of total suspended particulate matter (SPM) in the vicinity of Lady Keane College was found to be 97.42µgm-3which is much lower than the NAAQ Standard limit (200µgm-3). Also, the mean respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) was observed to be 54.40µgm-3which is also lower that the NAAQ Standard limits (100µgm-3). The low concentration of RSPM can be attributed to the immediate and important green surrounding in and around the college.

Keywords Air, health, monitoring, particulate, respirable