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Notes on three Asplenium species recently collected from Maharashtra, India


Three species of Asplenium namely, A. inaequilaterale Willd., A. yoshinagae subsp. indicum (Sledge) Fraser-Jenk. and A. obscurum Blume belonging to family Aspleniaceae are are recently collected from Maharashtra. Brief taxonomic descriptions and field photographs are provided.

Keywords Pteridophytes, new record, Asplenium, Maharashtra.

Notes on occurrence and distribution of some filmy ferns in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India


Trichomanes bipunctatum Poir. and T. minutum Blume are reported here as new record for Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Occurrence of T. motleyi (Bosch) Bosch is confirmed in Andaman, initially reported by Beddome in 1883 but without citing any collection. Present collection of T. motleyi from Andaman after more than 130 years is significant.

Keywords Trichomanes, Andaman Islands, New record.

Calligonum comosum L’Her. – a new record for India from Indian Desert


Calligonum comosum L’Her. – a member of family Polygonaceae, is reported here for the first time from India on the basis of a recent collection from Indian desert (Rajasthan). A brief taxonomic description along with photo illustration is given for its easier identification.

Keywords Calligonum comosum, Polygonaceae, new record, India.

Ponerorchis puberula- A little known rare Orchid from Sikkim- Himalaya


Ponerorchis puberula (King & Pantl.) Verm., a little known rare orchid species has been recently collected from Sikkim, India. A detailed taxonomic description along with photographic illustration and distribution maps is provided to facilitate its easy identification.

Keywords Ponerorchis puberula, Rare orchid, Sikkim.

Seed viability and seedling survival of Melodinus monogynus Roxb., a wild edible fruit of Meghalaya


The members of the genus Melodinus (Apocynaceae) have long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of various ailments. It has been reported that Medigenin, Medinin, medigenin acetate were extracted from Melodinus monogynus for medicinal purposes (Yao et al., 2014). Unfortunately, deforestation and destruction of habitat in Meghalaya has led to decrease in population of Melodinus monogynus, a wild edible fruit with medicinal importance. Hence, in view of the present status of the population of this species, it is felt that there is requirement for the knowledge of its propagation. Thus, the present study deals with seed viability and seedling survival, the two critical phases for plant regeneration by means of seeds. Fruits of Melodinus monogynus were collected during the month of December after which experiments were carried out under laboratory as well field conditions. The result of the study indicates that the species is shade-intolerant and produces orthodox seeds.

Keywords Melodinus monogynus, orthodox seeds, shade-intolerant species.

Notes on two less known Molineria recently collected from Northeast India


Molineria prainiana Deb var. prainiana and Molineria prainiana var. josephii D.K. Roy, D. Verma & A.D. Talukdar (Hypoxidaceae), two endemic and poorly known taxa, recently collected from Assam and Nagaland respectively. The former one was reported earlier from Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan, while the latter one from Arunachal Pradesh alone. A brief taxonomic description of each taxon supported with photographic illustration has been provided for their easier identification.

Keywords Molineria, extension range, endemic, Assam, Nagaland.

Three new and noteworthy records of Gingers from India


Three species of Zingiberaceae, namely Boesenbergia parvula (Wall. ex Baker) Kuntze, Curcuma elata Roxb. and Zingiber stipitatum S.Q. Tong, are reported for the first time in Indian flora.

Keywords Boesenbergia, Curcuma, Zingiber, New Record, India.